Asss are insane.
I want to hear more from these guys
around 5:45 they start playing

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Bee Mask

The new Bee Mask is my first encounter of the artist . I had seen the name thrown around a lot. But no never listened to the work.
Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico is apart of the first batch of records on the new label Spectral Spool curated by none other than John Elliot from Emeralds.
Top notch of course, it is a sub label of Editions Mego who has been treading this water now, with the OPN and Emeralds releases last year.
I expected something really traditional for some reason with this release more in vain of those albums put out on ED. Can't deny though, that those were great albums, but still more pop oriented explorations than on previous occasions. Yet i was silly. the record is of course as bizarre and equally as good as those albums put out last year.
I guess you could call it ballsier on part of Editions Mego's part? And frankly i'm happy that ED is letting Elliot take control of his own larger label. It gives the opportunity for small run releases to grab more attention and more publicity for things that are truly under-appreciated.
To tell the truth the first side is haunting. Blade like synths cut deep into into clean skin as the sick cough from excruciating pain. Yet you can't tear yourself away from the cough. It drives one mad but it entices to stay and visit awhile albeit uncomfortable. Blissful synth stabs appear with arpeggiated head spins before loosing control and falling into mass hysteria. Hell breaks loose in and out of consciousness for the rest of the two sides. Drums hit like a power button and just as soon as something nearly deathly enters, something almost beautiful takes it away and the cycle is repeated. Solitary Confinement. Being eaten from the inside only to discover that the light that accesses all the beauty in the universe is given to you to progress. Ignorant doom laden hope. Love when in the eyes of the possessed and zombies. What dreams are made of. Nightmares

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My main focal point in the blog was going to be obscure tape releases.
Well that certainly worked out.
Basically I'll make this promise to you: obscure sometimes; bland indie more. Tapes occasional?
That's pretty fair. Cause that's my taste. As I've sadly learned. I think I always put myself into a cooler accord.


Ponytail are the fucking shit. This album is no exception. Awayway gives me chills and makes me jump. like something was inside me. I can't imagine anyone else not having that same knee jerk response. Well they're all talented, too bad they broke up. They'll keep it up right? RIGHT?
I imagine with the Ken Seeno release on NNA and Dustin Wong release on Thrill Jockey I've been meaning to grab (future post?) everyone's gonna be fine.
Incredible work.

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Bedroom databank 2

Must sound super lame posting atlas sound

but Bradford Cox is an incredible songwriter in general. While i generally don't like his atlas sound work and like the new Deerhunter stuff just a slight bit more...(cryptograms was awesome) the best thing he's ever done was definitely the Bedroom Databank 1-4.
While i never really get a chance to listen to them all, (it's kinda daunting all at once...)
Bedroom Databank 2 is really a fantastic listen.
Just all over the map stylistically-yet it works together. It's loose, not pretentious, and covers all the styles Bradford can play (folk, rock, electronic, ambient, and krautrock on the great Here Comes the Trains)
He's ambitious on a humane level. The whole thing comes off as literally sounding like a genius boy wundekin playing in a toy store. the falling drums and collapsing melodies and lines sound like a little boy about throw down the drumsticks to his toy snare and pick his hot wheels track instead.

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Circle of Ouroborus

Ok so a slurr rr
of posts will come with time.
But for now this.

Circle of...
well wait back track. Today's Record Store Day right.
So I went to two places cause i was tired and lazy.
Other Music and Hospital Prod.
Let's just say one was busier than the other...(I'll let you put together the pieces)
While I found a lot of great Record store exclusives that i'll post about later at Other music
My real find for the day was at Hospital.
Whenever i walk in, the guys there are usually playing some ridiculously heavy black metal music which is totally not my thing (save for a couple of greats...liturgy ahem) But this time.
This time, well I wouldn't know how to classify. I walk into cascading sounds echoing and distant. Faded not by time or by age but by heavens or likely hell. A voice that screams like a confused soul. Not as much angry, but stern and full of pain and depression. But not howls. And there i was asking Hospital, what is this? Circle of Ouroborous' Unituli, out on the Hospital imprint.
Honestly this is less of black metal album and more reminiscent of Leyland Kirby than anything I associate with the genre. Not to say it's not thundering. But it's beautiful and unlike anything I've ever heard.
It really is something I cannot classify and it has to be listened to. Fans of ambient that feel like they need more of a kick, this is it.
act quick on the pressings.

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bibio (ah god.)

well well well.
Bibio is the shit.
Or at least was.
Anyway, ambivalence Avenue blew my mind (get the fuck on it.)
I'm not sure why cause when i go back individually on tracks it's not that solid.
but something about it, maybe the way he recorded it (BoC +dilla+folk)
whatever it sounds lame on paper but it's sweet.
Then he did the Apple and the Tooth and the original songs were tight as fuk...the remixes not so much.
of course i've never been a fan of remixes.
Well here he is with mind bokeh. and i wish i liked it more.
But really This album is pretty good or else i wouldn't have posted it would I?
It's all over the place though.
Done are those folk guitars (*weep*), more studio, "more electronic" less dilla
More rock. Take off your shirt is something that just shouldn't have happened. Ever. And having recieved the vinyl copy in the mail and reading the lyrics today, it's nearly worse than the song.
But that's fine right when songs like anything new just rule. No kidding.
Maybe the next album will be huge. We'll see. Unless he continues the rock songs. Help us.

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The music from here is for promotion and preview only, and should respected as such. If the music here is enjoyed, then one should buy or go see the artist in concert. Support artists any way you can.
if ya wanna send things

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