Dais Records

Dais is a label. Two bands i want to mention particularly on it.
I guess you could label this label (ha!) some industrial/punk/cold wave shit.
Really great stuff. Well anyway, Twin Stumps and Ice Age.

Twins Stumps are a massive Power Drill destroying every inch of your body in a slow motion shot in fading colors to black and white until only shadows remain of your desolate core.
Guys broke up i think.
Round this time last year they put out a LP call SeedBed
and before that...they released this album or ep or Lp whateverr on Dais S/T.
And it's fucking brilliant. I was never able to get a copy, but I found one randomly out in LA.
Ah the beauty of travel.
The self titled record Is huge depressing and full of hatred. It honestly sounds like a murderer burning off your face then dumping you in a ditch out in the middle of a post apocalyptic nightmare.
IceAge is another band on Dais.
I know that they've been getting a fair amount of press (or growing press)...
and these kids are fucking 17 which is crazy
Their from Denmark (wtf?)
and their album is called New Brigade
I was not aware it was released on Dais, but i had recently listened to the lp and really enjoyed it. Further listens will take place.
New Brigade

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  1. Do you mind removing these download links? We still have Iceage for sale on our page....

    -Gibby / DAIS


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